Meet The Judges

Each member of the Evaluation Panel has been carefully chosen for their knowledge of clean energy and innovation. You can learn more about each judge here.

Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel judges will provide scores and comments for each assigned application using the same scoring rubric, and each valid application will receive five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized. Each member of the Evaluation Panel has been carefully chosen for their knowledge of clean energy and innovation. There is one Evaluation Panel member per participating Mission Innovation country and one member from the European Union. The top-scoring application from each participating country as determined by the Evaluation Panel will be named as Mission Innovation Champions. One Champion from each participating Mission Innovation member country will be selected, and one Champion for the European Commission (on behalf of the European Union) will be selected, this being from a European Union country that is not an individual member of Mission Innovation.

Khalid Albahily

Saudi Arabia

Adisa Azapagic


Tomás Baeza Jeria


Dr. Anja Bieberle-Hütter

The Netherlands

Claudie Haigneré

European Union

Hermann Halozan


​Johan E. Hustad


Rémy Kolessar


Florence Lambert


Samuel S. Mao

United Arab Emirates

Alicia Mignone


Jayant Modak


Vik Pant


Chinho Park


Pia Salokoski


Someya Satoshi


Rutger Schlatmann


Dra. Gabriela Tapia Padilla


Leonie Walsh


Andrea Ytuarte Orantes


Ying Zhao


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Launched at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission, on behalf of the European Union, seeking to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation and make clean energy widely affordable and reliable.

MI countries represent 60% of the world’s population, 70% of GDP, and 80% of government investment in clean energy research. MI countries are taking action to double their public investments in clean energy R&D over five years while encouraging collaboration among partner nations, sharing information, and coordinating with businesses and investors.